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About Digitalis Inc

Digitialis Inc is a one stop shop that delivers tailor made, efficient, and cost effective IT solutions to steam roll your company’s technology front. Our proficiency in the field helps expedite the building of human and structural machinery of IT systems propelling companies to achieve maximum productivity, cost efficiency, and future proofing; after all business is a continual dealing with the future and we assist you leveraging it with ease.

Get the full picture and stay ahead of the market

Tailored to give you an edge and keep you informed with global stock and world news, while our advanced charts and tools, like the Returns Calculator and Currency Converter, simplify complex financial data for you. Stay ahead of the market whether you’re an experienced trader or just getting started. With Bull Trends, you’re not just investing; you’re strategically positioning yourself for success in the ever-changing financial landscape.

IT Support

Digitalis Inc endeavours to meet your needs in the most financially optimal and critically relevant manner. 


Our technology solutions offer Enterprise CMS frameworks, Web technology, mobile technology, and...

Software Development

Digitalis Inc offers Software Development services that can help you build a fast track team ...

With deeper insights

Experience the power of enhanced decision-making with up-to-the minute stock trends, ETFs, and mutual fund insights. Keep your investments in sight and under control with our intuitive Watchlist and Virtual Portfolio features.

Price & Volume relative Charts

Technical analysis to assess the performance of a stock and other financial asset.

Gain Values

Track the increase in value of your investments.


Make informed decisions by tracking dividends on stocks, eft's and mutual funds.

Compare stocks

Compare Market SP500 against almost any stock.

Aroon X Pattern Indicator

Identify when trends are likely to start and measure the strength of a trend.

Financial Scores

Assess the financial health, performance and risk of investments and companies.

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Digitalis Solution’s value addition to achieving business merit is augmented by keeping up with the exponential evolutionary curve of technological systems, which providing companies with customized IT solutions.

Our Training Provide finesse to get your employees’ finest

In a fast paced globalized economic climate, the requirement of efficient, sharp,and effective workforce is of paramount importance. In this regard, Digitalis Inc training service has been aforemost asset to the IT industry in honing and shaping up skilled human resource pool.